Stefanie SEIBOLD (Eds.)

Let‘s twist again

If You Can‘t Think It, Dance it.
Performance in Vienna from1960 until today
320 pages, numerous illustrations, color, bilingual (german/english), softcover, offset, format: 22 x 28 cm
Price: 38,00
ISBN: 3-901867-16-3

Historical and contemporary objects of performance are documented in this wide-ranging anthology, the first to chart the historical development of the medium in Austria. The volume published by Carola Dertnig and Stefanie Seibold shows a vast array of pieces from the past four decades. It also offers public access to a number of artistic items for the first time: items which, despite having been – and remaining – central to the domestic art scene, have been overlooked in official accounts of art history. The volume consciously highlights productions rooted firmly in an artistic context, and also establishes connections to experimental performance-related productions from theatre and revue as well as links to creative political activism. There is a specific emphasis on works dealing with sex and gender, subject matter that has generally been explored through the performance medium since the 1970s.

This richly illustrated and bilingual publication thereby raises awareness of the history of a medium which has consistently delivered critical impetus over recent decades, revolutionising the self-image of contemporary art and its reception. Several pages of text and images are dedicated to each of around fifty objects. Interviews with those who were there at the time, expert comment and in-depth analyses elucidate the relevance of the medium to present-day art, interpret the more stimulating approaches and strategies currently applied and reveal interconnections with other spheres of art.

ARTISTIC POSITIONS: Uli Aigner, Galerie „Alles, was Flügel hat, fliegt“,, Art Party Gang, Krista Beinstein, Renate Bertlmann, Christa Biedermann, Linda Bilda, Linda Christanell, Clever Gretel, Die Damen, Katrina Daschner, Ricarda Denzer, Carola Dertnig, Ursula Endlicher, Marie-Thérèse Escribano, Valie Export, Liam Mac Gabhann, Penelope Georgiou, Geschwister Odradek, Oliver Hangl, Hektor und Rositha, Hannes Hoffmann, IntAkt, Birgit Jürgenssen, Andreas Karner, Rudolf H. Katzer, Renate Kowanz-Kocer, Barbara Kraus, Elke Krystufek, Birgit Langenberger, Sabine Marte, Mara Mattuschka, Ursula Mayer, Paolo Mezzacapo de Cenzo, Erika Mis-Swoboda, Mora & Fur, Michaela Moscouw, Ariane Müller, Ulrike Müller, Claudia Plank, Hans Werner Poschauko, Ursula Pürrer, Patricia Reschenbach, Salon Lady Chutney, Hans Scheirl, Stefanie Seibold, Heinz Späth, Gerhard Stecharnig, Peter Strobl, Nina Stuhldreher, Gabriele Szekatsch, Matta Wagnest, Johannes Weidinger, Susanne Widl, Wiener Dauerwelle
TEXTCONTRIBUTIONS BY: Edith Almhofer, Christa Benzer, Hilde Berger, Sabeth Buchmann, Barbara Clausen, Bernhard Fellinger, Rike Frank, Patricia Grzonka, Doris Guth, Lisa Haberkorn, Peter Ily Huemer, Rainer Iglar, Elisabeth Maria Klocker, Linda Klösel, Christine Lemke, Michael Mauracher, Thomas Raab, Nina Schedlmayer, Nicole Scheyerer, Hemma Schmutz, Amaryllis Sommerer, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein